about me

I have worked in the tech industry my full adult life. I have been fortunate to have several very knowledgeable mentors, who were not only skilled in the technical ability, but who were also quite good teachers. I consider the time at which I entered the field to be a great time to have done so. I started building basic white box PCs and learning troubleshooting skills. As the Internet emerged in my local area, I was able to be at a start up ISP during the initial build up and roll out. I moved on to more advanced networking environments, and eventually moved into the Healthcare IT space. Following the same trajectory, I have moved from a small setting to a much larger corporate environment. Engaging in larger teams and more ambitious projects. Over the years I have enjoyed PC building and refurbishing as a hobby, along side my employment. Finding value in the synchronizing of hardware to the best of its ability and potential. All of these things have helped shape my skill set into my current state. One that I am proud to simply call…Technical.